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Malvern Theatres is a leading provider of the arts in the West Midlands, boasting one of the most diverse selection of  plays, music, comedy, dance, film and educational work to be found anywhere in the county.

Times are changing, and we’re launching an ambitious new project which will ensure Malvern Theatres is a central part of Malvern and its future, ensure we maintain its reputation as a leading arts provider delivering consistently high standards, and make Malvern Theatres a more modern, welcoming and memorable environment.

The £1 million project is called Malvern Theatres Tomorrow. This is where you can find out more about the project, and the ways that you can support it.

To make a donation to the project, please click on the link below to donate via the Big Give.

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We are pleased to announce that the first phase of Malvern Theatres Tomorrow – reseating the cinema – has been completed!  

Thank you very much to everyone who has supported the project so far.

Tomorrow’s Theatre

The project will renew and improve areas of Malvern Theatres which will benefit you, our audience, make better use of our space, and help ensure that Malvern Theatres is central to the community.

Environmental Sustainability

We will replace the theatre’s existing lighting with LED lights. We will also install double glazing in the Festival Theatre dressing room block. This will improve our energy efficiency and reduce our energy bills by 60%, leaving more money to spend on productions.

Auditoria Reseating

The seating in the three auditoria has served us well, but it is now necessary to install more comfortable and versatile seating that will last.

Technical Equipment

Much of our technical infrastructure is twenty years old. We need to have up-to-date technical equipment which can efficiently meet the demands of modern productions.

Our Supporters

We would like to thank the following members of the 1000 club for their support of Malvern Theatres Tomorrow:

The Kay Trust, in memory of Kathy and Margaret

William Allen – Managing Director éditeur print Limited

B Brua

David Wilson

Lt Col JM Sweetman and Mrs P Sweetman

Nigel & Judy Street, Ledbury

 In memory of Phil Baker

Mrs M A Humpries

Mr & Mrs GTH Albrighton

Jonathan and Brenda Sington

Christine Wilson


Carole and Alan Davies

David and Sue Matthews

Simon Thompson – WSI Marketing

In memory of Mrs Rosemary Ballard

Graham and Margaret White

Pam Stanier, in memory of Helen Garrod

Mr & Mrs F Cochrane

Robert Maskrey OBE

Deborah Hume

Mr & Mrs B Guest

Mrs Jacqueline Oakey

We would also like to thank the following supporters:

Dr & Mrs C Flower
Mrs J Medhurst
Mrs K Lee
Dr Ruffle & Ms Hurman
Mrs C Burgess
Mrs M Stroud
Mr & Mrs J Chase
Mr & Mrs A Hardwick
Ms S Bond
Mr D Hanratty
Mr R Howl
Mr P Sutton
Mrs R Scaiff
Mr J Wallis
Miss M Bramford
Mrs M Herring
Mr & Mrs P Clement
Ms P Bartlett
Dr A Rose
Mr D Furnival
Ms D Markham
Mr J Hutchings
A Gibson
Mr & Mrs D Adams
Mr H Margetts
Mrs L Stockton
Mr & Mrs B Curtis
Mr R Judson
Prof D London
Mrs L Pusey
Mrs P Tomlinson
Mr A White
Mr B Jenkins
Mr C Tucker
Dr M Mordecai
Mr & Mrs B Dewing
Dr P Hall
Mr D Packman
Mrs M Guy
Mrs J Davidson
Ms M Baker
Ms K Best
Mr R Gay
Mr J Icke
Mr A Morris
Mr & Mrs A Starkey
Mr M Sneath
Mrs E Thomas
Mrs A Brown
Mrs I Perrin
Mrs D Barker
Mrs J Popplewell
Mr K Salkeld
Mr M Yeo
Dr T Barker
Mr & Mrs D Wyllie
Mrs T Smith
Mr & Mrs R Preedy
Mr B Sadler
Sir N Nicholls
Mr & Mrs W Holden
Mrs A Billen
Miss R Roberts
Ms B Shortt
Mrs B Walker
Mr & Mrs B Hudson
Mr & Mrs M Willis
Ms H Cartledge
Mr R Stone
Mr G Taylor
Ms A Wynn
Mrs P Breslin
Mrs R Polley
Mr M Rees
Rev & Mrs T Gunter
Mr C Leach
Mrs S Hussell
Mr & Mrs M Craddock
Mrs S Wolstenholme
Mr & Mrs G Ellis
Dr & Mrs A Skinner
Mrs J Angwin
Ms E Comber
Mr D Evans
Mr & Mrs D Minett
Miss B Pearson
Mr R Darby
Ms D Hume
Mr & Mrs S Allen
Mr R Lagar
Rev D Lamb
Mrs M Roberts
Ms N Barry
Ms M Prandle
Mr & Mrs W Bryer
Mr F Randall
Mr D Gazard
Mrs M Jenkins
Ms S Jamison
Mr & Mrs B North
Mr J Noyce
Mr B Abbott
Ms M Oliver
Mr & Mrs D Durham
Prof & Mrs G Castledine
Mr C Walls
Mr N Mott
Mr & Mrs W Scott
Mrs C Sutton
Mrs R Phillips
Mrs I Foulkes
Mrs A Parratt
Mr B Meadows
Mrs F Boult
Mr & Mrs C Marsden
Mr M Riches
Miss N Cotton
Mr H Foxall
Mrs M Roberts
Mrs A Whetton
Mrs J Turner
Dr R Massey
Mr Q Brewer
Mr A Guest
Mrs W Rogers
Mrs H Marsh
Ms J Evans
Ms M Davies
Mrs D Flower
Mr B Stewart
Dr  R Henderson
Mr & Mrs G Thompson
Mrs B Boulton
Dr B Turner
Mrs S Porter
Mr J Rowe
Mr G Neal
Mr P Trickett
Mrs L Daniels
M Brown
L Green
Mr & Mrs M Pharaoh
Ms C Harrison
Mr D Hobson
Mr J Somerville
Mrs R Robinson
Mr R Crookall
Mr A Milne
Mr & Mrs D Sharp
Mr R Maskrey
Mr P Miles
Mrs S Young
Mr J Towndrow
Mrs M Stott
Mr J Slater
Mrs J McNab
Mr & Mrs J Martin
Mr & Mrs P Duckworth
Mr L Keil
Mrs J Oakey
Mr K Jarrett
Ms P O’Brien
Mrs J Evans
Mr & Mrs A Stebbens
Mr P Thomas
Mrs E Noble
Mr R Wilson
Prof J Elkin
Mrs C Hardyman

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