Sponsor a Seat in the Festival Theatre and be part of Malvern Theatres’ future.

Thank you to everyone who has generously donated to our seat appeal over the last year.

We’re delighted to say that auditorium upgrade is complete; as well as replacing all the seats, a slightly revised auditorium layout sees the creation of an additional 22 seats; over the year this means that nearly 7,000 more people could visit the theatre.

The improvements, which included some redecoration and the removal of the side boxes in the stalls, took take place in January. Legroom remains the same, some seats have been widened and the wheelchair spaces have been moved forward.

Seats can still be sponsored for £350, £250 or £150 and your support will be gratefully acknowledged on a glass plaque outside the stalls or circle of the theatre.

Donations over £1,000 will be gratefully acknowledged on a plaque in the foyer.

Donations of £350 will be acknowledged on a large plaque outside the stalls of the Festival Theatre.

Donations of £250 will be acknowledged on a large plaque outside the circle of the Festival Theatre.

Donations of £150 will be acknowledged on a smaller plaque outside the circle of the Festival Theatre.

All donations will be acknowledged on a dedicated page on our website.

Alternatively, please visit the box office, or contact Emma Maggs on 01684 580954.


Please Click Here To Sponsor A Seat


We would like to thank the following donors for sponsoring seats in the Festival Theatre:

We are sincerely grateful to the Garfield Weston Foundation for their generous
donation of £30,000 to support the new seating in the Festival Theatre.

Malvern Theatres Association
The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust
The Oakley Charitable Trust
Mr & Mrs F Cochrane
Professor J Elkin
Bob and Margaret Howl for great shows
Dr & Mrs A Rose
Jo and Malcolm Rolfe
Mrs Jacqueline Oakey
Mr & Mrs D R Terry
Andrew and Skye Witney
Mr & Mrs F Cochrane
Mr & Mrs Pullin
Mr & Mrs M Horne
Dr & Mrs Roy Massey for 40 wonderful years
Mr & Mrs J Rowe – 50th Wedding Anniversary 2015
Mrs J Medhurst
Ms I Field – In memory of Martin Field
Jane Baker in memory of Phil Baker
Ms M Prandle – In memory of Peter Packwood
William Allen – Managing Director éditeur print Limited
Mr M E Yeo
Mr B Abbott
Mr & Mrs E Waterfield
Michael and Averil Opperman
Ann Humphries
Mr & Mrs Redman
Colin and Rebecca Perry
M A Baker and S E Joyce – for time well spent
Mr & Mrs C Duckworth
Mr & Mrs David Billing
Lt Col and Mrs J Sweetman
Rev D Lamb – In memory of Toni Unwin with love
P & E Clement – a wonderful facility
Richard Jasper
Miss M Bramford
Marion and Chris Wilks
Ernie Kay MBE
Mr Ernie Kay – In memory of Margaret Kay
Mr Ernie Kay – In memory of Kathy Kay
Mr & Mrs R Crookall
Mrs E Thomas
Mrs S Young – In memory of Richard Young
Nigel and Alison Falls – In memory of Joyce
Georgie Halford
Dr Robert Pinches
Stephen and Susan Druce
Mr & Mrs H M Foxall
Sue and Robert Wilson MBE – memories since 1947
Mr & Mrs Tom Hayes
Alastair & Ginny Woodrow and family
Sir Nigel and Lady Nicholls
Mrs I Reynolds – In memory of Michael Reynolds; Isobel
Frank and Madeline Clayton
Mr & Mrs Clive Harrison
Mr & Mrs Bune
Mr D Ironmonger – Miss Jane Wallace
John in memory of Diane Nicholas
Ian & Ruth Edynbry
Mrs C M Petford
Dr & Mrs N E Peeling
Prof W Mapleson – In memory of Doreen Mapleson
Peter Warren
The Rowlands Trust
Jonathan and Brenda Sington
Mrs W Fowler – In loving memory of Jack Fowler
Miss M Doe – In memory of David John Doe
Mr & Mrs R. Howl – For continuing excellent shows
Mrs J Westbury – In loving memory of Pete Westbury
Joseph Brand – In memory of Bernard Simon
Hazel Kemshall – In memory of Joan Kemshall
The Sir Barry Jackson Trust
Mrs Joy Morrow
The Borgardts Family
Irene Borgardts and Dr A Mason
Weobley Theatre Goers
Barry Plant
David Bladon
Gibbs & Bowers families – Chris
Mr & Mrs GTH Albrighton
Ray and Pam Gillard
Richard M Gee
Colin and Libby Walls
Anthony and Julia Glossop
Ms I Field
Mr and Mrs Dawson
Arline and Gren Gaskell
Dr Derek A Smith
In memory of Peter Scott Vipond
Dr & Mrs A H Sawers
Morella Wiggin
Ken & Jean – in memory of happy theatre visits
Ron Atkins
Jean Mary Harris in appreciation
In memory of Colin Cadby
Peter and Kathleen Hill
Ms R Gray
John and Doreen Sheen
Allan and Glynis Bidmead
Patti Tomlinson
Linda Bass in memory of Dr John and Betty Wood
Mr and Mrs E A Waterfield
Mr Bernard Taylor
In memory of Gareth Davies; always a showman
The Anupam Restaurant
Kathy and Lewis Steele
Mrs V Nunn
Dr & Mrs C Bradshaw – Thank you for the theatre
Sponsored by Mr & Mrs Keith Phillips
Mrs Greta Gilmour
In memory of Brian Hulme – 28.10.39-01.09.16
Margaret and Graham White
Eileen and Maurice Taylor
Roy French – Good health & love in your 80th year
Hugh Stirling
Liz Evans – In memory of Pat & Mary Evans
Jeremy Noyce
In memory of George Marshall Fisher
L.J.C and N.L.C
Katrina Norbury
Ken and Lynn Jarrett
In memory of Joan Babbage who loved the theatre
Denise Churchett; forever our bright star
Guy Verney & Margaret Anderson eternally together from curtain up to final applause
Ian Stocker in memory of my wife Lesley
A J and E M Rodesano
In fond memory of Pat Egerton – The Egertons
In memory of Barbara Worthington
In memory of John Worthington
In loving memory of George Fluellen
Sue Davies
Jean and Len Saunders
Julian and Jenny Gadd 10th Wedding Anniversary
In memory of Stephen Lugg
Marianne Joy – Precious wonderful mum always
Sue and David Matthews
Derry and Val Hanratty
Jill and Neil MacKenzie
Arts for All
Morwenna Byram-Wigfield
Mrs Beryl Davies – For a lifetime love of theatre
For Mavis Yeomans who loved the theatre
In loving memory of Max Pemberton