Water Clock Celebrating Malvern’s Industry by Bernard Gitton

On permanent display in the circle bar of Malvern Theatres is an eight-foot water clock. The clock was given to the theatre by Malvern’s Elmley Foundation in 2003 and was unveiled by National Theatre actress Janet McTeer at a special reception on the 28th March that year. Present at the reception was French sculptor, designer and horologist Bernard Gitton who invented the clock. His installations can be seen in airports, shopping malls, museums and parks around the world and Malvern’s water clock was the first of its kind in Britain. The clock measures time by the movement of water through its complex system of glass tubes. Elmley Foundation director John de la Cour decided to give the clock to the theatre and the people of Malvern because he said it brought together the three main industries of the town: its water, its science and its theatre. The clock has proved an attraction for visitors to Malvern ever since.

The Jacob Fountain

Situated in the restaurant area, The Jacob Fountain dates from 1930 and is a bronze sculpture of four water babies by Richard Goulden. It was paid for by public donations in 1929 as a permanent memorial to Dr Henry Jacob, a much loved local G.P and was originally supplied with pure spring water piped from the Rushey Valley on the hills above Great Malvern. The fountain was restored in 2013 with a donation from The Kay Trust, in memory of Kathy and Margaret Kay.

Sir Edward Elgar and Jenny Lind

Busts of Sir Edward Elgar (Circle Bar) and Jenny Lind (adjacent to Door 1) are on permanent display in the theatre

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Weather, Light and English Country Side

Exhibition of atmospheric landscapes at Malvern Theatres by photographer Jan Sedlacek

Prague born photographer Jan Sedlacek was so enchanted by the lanscapes of Worcestershire that he made Malvern his home, and he now spends his time photographing the hills and surrounding areas.

“It is picturesque, tranquil and often mystical place where weather and light often creates wonders. Day by day they play the game and every now and then I am lucky to be there to capture them. It is my great passion and joy capturing these moments, trying to be on the right place in the right time.”

Paying big attention to weather and light conditions Janʼs photographs are full of drama, unusual light and eye pleasing colors. By carefully composing his shots, using vibrant color palette and by paying great attention to printing, Jan’s pictures are balancing on the edge between photography and paintings. For more details about Jan, visit www.malvernpanorama.co.uk