The Big Draw makes a big difference

Malvern Theatres hosted annual Big Draw once again, attracting dozens of people of all ages and abilities for the hands-on art session.

Participants could also enter their works into a competition to win theatre tickets, which was won by Chris Chandler with his portrait of panto star Su pollard as the Wicked Queen in Snow White.


Chris is a regular attendee at Make your Mark Xtra, the theatre’s weekly interactive art session for adults with special needs.

Lucia Rose Garwood-Gowers and Elsie Humm, who both came along with their families, did pictures inspired by shows they’d seen at the theatre, also won tickets.

Bridget Lloyd, head of engagement and creative learning, said: “Drawing is a universal language and so it’s the perfect medium for workshop like this, where people of all ages and abilities come together and create something magical.



“The theme for this year’s Big Draw was ‘Play’, which in a theatre of course has a different emphasis and so it was wonderful to see drawings inspired by their visits to the theatre.”

Malvern Theatres Take Part offers ten regular weekly workshops, such as dance classes for over 55s, toddler movement, creative arts for those with learning disabilities, and stagecraft for the young, as well as one-off specialist workshops, such as classes with professional dance companies and non-verbal interactive workshops for those with special needs.

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