Borderlines is one of the most prestigious and lively film festivals. 2020 will be its fourth year in Malvern and each year has seen the programme and audiences build. The festival runs from 28th February to 15th March and promises 80 screenings of over 30 different films, including 11 previews prior to general release as well as a silent film classic, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, with live piano accompaniment.

Download the 2020 festival brochure in PDF form.


Emma (U)
Fri 28th Feb at 1:15pm (Cinema)
Sat 29th Feb at 10:30am (Cinema)
Sun 1st March at 1pm (Cinema)
Mon 2nd March at 4:30pm (Cinema)
Tues 3rd March at 10:30am (Cinema)
Wed 4th March at 4:30pm (Cinema)
Thurs 5th March at 4:30pm SUBTITLED (Cinema)

The Lighthouse (15)
Fri 28th Feb at 4:30pm (Cinema)
Sat 29th Feb at 1:15pm (Cinema)
Sun 1st March at 4:15pm (Cinema)
Mon 2nd March at 7:45pm (Cinema)
Tues 3rd March at 7:45pm (Cinema)
Wed 4th March at 1pm (Cinema)

Proxima (15) PREVIEW
Friday 28th February at 7:45pm (Cinema)

A Hidden Life (12A)
Sun 1st March at 7:15pm (Cinema)
Mon 2nd March at 12:30pm (Cinema)
Tues 3rd March at 1:30pm (Cinema)

Aquarela (12A)
Mon 2nd March at 1:15pm (Forum Theatre)
Wed 4th March at 4:15pm (Forum Theatre)

Midnight Traveller (15)
Mon 2nd March at 4:15pm (Forum Theatre)
Wed 4th March at 12:45pm (Forum Theatre)

System Crasher (15) PREVIEW
Monday 2nd March at 7:30pm (Forum Theatre)

Honey Boy (15)
Tues 3rd March at 5:30pm (Cinema)
Wed 4th March at 7:45pm (Cinema)
Thurs 5th March at 1pm (Cinema)

And Then We Danced (15) PREVIEW
Wednesday 4th March at 7:30pm (Forum Theatre)

Run (15) PREVIEW
Thurs 5th March at 7:45pm

So Long My Son (12A)
Fri 6th March at 12:30pm (Forum Theatre)
Mon 9th March at 12:30pm (Cinema)
Tues 10th March at 3:30pm (Forum Theatre)

Military Wives (12A)
Fri 6th March at 1pm & 7:45pm (Cinema)
Sat 7th March at 4:30pm & 7:45pm (Cinema)
Sun 8th March at 1pm & 7:45pm (Cinema)
Mon 9th March at 4:30pm & 7:45pm (Cinema)
Tues 10th March at 10:30am & 7:45pm (Cinema)
Wed 11th March at 1pm & 7:45pm (Cinema)
Thurs 12th March at 1pm (SUBTITLED) and 7:45pm (Cinema)

Waves (15)
Fri 6th March at 4:15pm (Forum Theatre)
Sun 8th March at 12:45pm (Forum Theatre)
Mon 9th March at 4:15pm (Forum Theatre)
Thurs 12th March at 2pm (Forum Theatre)

Hope Gap (12A) PREVIEW
Friday 6th March at 4:30pm

Parasite (15)
Fri 6th March at 7:30pm (Forum Theatre)
Sun 8th March at 4:15pm (Forum Theatre)
Mon 9th March at 7:30pm (Forum Theatre)
Tues 10th March at 7:30pm (Forum Theatre)
Wed 11th March at 12:45pm (Forum Theatre)

Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché (PG)
Sat 7th March at 1pm (Cinema)
Mon 9th March at 1:30pm (Forum Theatre)

A Streetcar Named Desire (12A)
Sun 8th March at 4:30pm (Cinema)

Blackbird (15) PREVIEW
Sunday 8th March at 7:30pm (Forum Theatre)

Weathering With You (PG)
Tues 10th March at 12:30pm (Forum Theatre)
Wed 11th March at 4:15pm (Forum Theatre)

Talking About Trees (PG)
Tues 10th March at 1:30pm (Cinema)
Wed 11th March at 4:30pm (Cinema)

Rocks (12A) PREVIEW
Tues 10th March at 4:30pm (Cinema)

Cunningham (12A) PREVIEW
Wed 11th March at 7:30pm (Forum Theatre)

La Dolce Vita (12A)
Thurs 12th March at 3:45pm (Cinema)

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (U)
SILENT with live music by Stephen Horne, one of the UK’s foremost silent film accompanists.
Thurs 12th March at 8pm (Forum Theatre)

Greed (15)
Fri 13th March at 12:45pm (Forum Theatre)
Sat 14th March at 8pm (Forum Theatre)
Sun 15th March at 1pm (Cinema)

Mr Jones (15)
Fri 13th March at 1pm (Cinema)
Sat 14th March at 10:30am (Forum Theatre)

Balloon (12A) PREVIEW
Fri 13th March at 4:15pm (Forum Theatre)

A Portrait of a Lady on Fire (15)
Fri 13th March at 4:30pm (Cinema)
Sat 14th March at 1pm (Cinema)
Sun 15th March at 7:45pm (Cinema)

Dark Waters (12A)
Fri 13th March at 7:30pm (Forum Theatre)
Sat 14th March at 2pm (Forum Theatre)
Sun 15th March at 4:30pm (Cinema)

The Truth (PG) PREVIEW
Fri 13th March at 7:45pm (Cinema)

The County (15) PREVIEW
Sat 14th March at 5pm (Forum Theatre)


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