Malvern Theatres’ Covid-19 emergency fundraising campaign has received a vital boost with a £35,000 contribution from the Arts Council.

The public has also been giving incredibly generously, with a public acknowledgement page to be announced shortly.

The Harding Trust, The Hawthorne Charitable Trust, and Malvern Theatres Association, have also made significant contributions.

Nic Lloyd, Chief Executive of Malvern Theatres, said: “We have been overwhelmed by the support of our generous and loyal customers, especially at this uncertain time. Thank you to everyone who has given so far – every penny makes a difference.

“To also receive such a contribution from the Arts Council is a real boon and testament to our essential place at the heart of the country’s theatre scene. Similarly, we are so grateful to our ever-faithful MTA, not to mention our long-term supporters The Harding Trust, and the Hawthorne Charitable Trust, who are so generously helping us in our hour of need.

“With no end in sight, it’s difficult to predict our future. If you can, please donate today to protect tomorrow.”

To donate, please CLICK HERE

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