Look out for our bespoke events that integrate with our main theatre programme. These include; pre and post show discussions, meet & greet with cast members of children’s theatre, creative workshops and performance packages.



FREE – Malvern Theatres Foyer for all ages
Wednesday 27th October 10am-12pm
Friday 29th October 10am-12pm

‘’We hope this year’s festival will help support all those positive changemakers, those seeking to effect change- those advocating kindness to our natural world and to each other.’’ -Kate Mason, Director of the Big Draw

The Big Draw festival is the world’s biggest celebration of drawing. ‘Make a Change’ is the theme for 2021. We will plant seeds of inspiration and see them grow after this fallow period. To kick start our sessions we will be offering drawing prompts with tuition. With permission, work will be displayed in the theatre foyer and made available in an online gallery. We invite you to explore ways in which we can NURTURE NATURE, anything animal, human, or plant based. Our drawing prompts will relate to anything that requires tender loving care to survive. #DRAWNTOLIFE

For more information please contact: bridget@malvern-theatres.co.uk 01684 580956



Thursday 28th October
5-8 year olds

Hop, skip and jump into our Halloween Pumpkin Patch Ball, packed with spooky fun!

With a little bit of bibbidi bobbidi boo magic, we will create some wonderful props and make them dance and twirl around like falling autumn leaves.

We shall wiggle and jiggle away in this full energy craft and dance workshop, brought to you by the wonderful Monkeys in Motion.

For more information please contact: bridget@malvern-theatres.co.uk 01684 580956


All workshops can be booked via the box office 01684 892277

For further information about all classes and workshops please contact:

Bridget Lloyd, Head of Engagement and Creative Learning 01684 580956 bridget@malvern-theatres.co.uk

(Please note the booking fee applies to one-off education events and workshops.  Weekly classes do not incur a booking fee)

Pre and Post Show Talks

A fantastic opportunity to find out more about a production, exploring the themes and background with members of the company and to ask questions.


For more information please contact Bridget (bridget@malvern-theatres.co.uk).