Malvern Theatres joins The Big Draw – November 2017  

Malvern Theatres hosted its own ‘Big Draw’ workshops this Autumn, with dozens of visitors and keen artists from Mencap Pathways creating colourful tape pictures.

The theatre welcomed many families to the workshops, including four generations of the same family with great granddaughter Erica Kennedy, 4, showing mum Sophie, gran Linda, and great gran Joan how it’s done.

The free workshops were open to everyone and some of the pieces created have been on display in the theatre and online.

Bridget Lloyd, Head of Engagement and Creative Learning, said: “It’s been an incredibly positive experience and seeing the intergenerational relationships develop as their artworks flourished was a joy.

“Drawing, like dance and music, can often convey our ideas and emotions more effectively than words and so art is a wonderfully expressive medium for everyone, but particularly those who struggle with traditional forms of communication, and so we were particularly delighted to welcome our friends from Mencap Pathways.”

Kitty Kavanagh from Malvern’s Mencap Pathways said: “For some of our members art can be literally life changing, giving them the opportunity to share often otherwise unexpressed thoughts and feelings.

“Art workshops give our members an incredible sense of achievement and we see them gain confidence throughout the workshop. They leave feeling proud of what they’ve created and we’re grateful to Malvern Theatres for making this possible.”

Susie Tudge and Kitty Kavannagh from Mencap Pathways


Malvern Theatres runs many regular art, music, dance and drama workshops throughout the year for children and adults, including specialist workshops for those with disabilities.

It also holds regular ‘relaxed’ film screenings tailored for people who find the usual cinema environment challenging.

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