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Guys and Dolls

29th August 2017 - 2nd September 2017


Malvern Theatres Young Company presents

Guys & Dolls


Music and lyrics by FRANK LOESSER
Directed by ANDY REISS

Malvern Theatres Young Company returns for its sixth year and proudly presents Frank Loesser’s celebrated musical comedy Guys and Dolls; a story about rolling the dice and falling in love under the bright lights of Broadway. Guys and Dolls is an oddball romantic comedy which takes us from the heart of Times Square to the cafes of Havana, Cuba, and even into the sewers of New York City.

Set to Frank Loesser’s brassy, immortal score, Guys and Dolls is a real crowd pleaser and features some of musical theatre’s most memorable tunes, including the hilarious “Adelaide’s Lament,” the romantic “I’ve Never Been in Love Before,” the exuberant “If I Were a Bell,” and the classic “Luck Be a Lady.” An absolute treat for audiences of any age.

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Music Theatre International (Europe)

All authorised performance materials are also supplied by MTI Europe.



Price includes a £1 contribution to our heritage fund.


29th August 2017
2nd September 2017
Event Category:


£19.04, £16.80
Concessions and members discounts apply
Under 26's £8
Price includes 12% booking fee
Show Times:
Eves at 7pm
Sat mat 2pm

Event Reviews

  • Mark

    What a great show this turned out to be.

    The young adults performing were of a surprisingly high standard it seemed to me having never seen a youth performance before.

    I have my programme with me so will try to get the names right starting with
    Jacob Buckley who has a real comedic presence and great timing as Nicely Nicely with Harry Jones as Benny worked off each other well along side Toby Platt as Harry the Horse. A brilliant trio.

    Alex McDonald Smith as Nathan Detroit acted so well and had a great voice which he needed to have as I thought Charlotte Myerson as Adelaide was superb and had just the right sound both when acting and Singing.

    I'm not sure who did the casting but I'm not sure it could of been much better, not only the individuals but even more so with the partnerships seen on stage.

    Andy Reiss has done a really wonderful job and all credit to him and his team.

    I now come to the reason I'm writing my only ever review.

    It must be hard to cast Lucie Fletcher in this type of role because who do you get to sing opposite her as a male lead that she isn't going to over power? The answer it turns out is Lewis Allan. Wow. Wow Lucie and Wow Lewis. Both absolute stars in my book both with the singing and with the Acting. Their first duet comes just as you are deciding if the show you have purchased tickets for is worth it or not. I'd of gladly paid double and it set the show up to go from strength to strength.

    I really enjoyed everybody and everything about this performance a really great job done by all.

    M Dingle

  • Marion

    A very energetic and well performed show. All the lead players were excellent. Everyone on the stage put on very creditable performance. One or two minor wardrobe problems but it did not distract from the overall performance. Well done. Thoroughly enjoyable

  • Suzanne

    For an opening night I thought all the cast did well. I came along with a friend who had a daughter in a minor role in the show and to hear her talk about how nice the group was, how supportive and fun even though there seems to be quite an age difference with some brought a smile to my face. This bonding really shone through in the performances.

    I did think I was going to a bit of a school play before we arrived, but how wrong as I with the level of performance being worthy of any stage in my opinion.

    Jacob as Nicely Nicely was perfect as were many other supporting roles but the chemistry between Lewis and Lucie as Sky and Sarah took the show to another level.

    Thank you Andy and staff for a fantastic night but most of all thank you to the Guys n Dolls.

  • Gill

    Fantastic from start to finish!. Will definitely be coming to more shows from this talented group. What a talented bunch they are.

  • Michele

    Yet another stunning Young Company Production.
    We've been watching shows for the past four or five years, and never fail to be impressed.
    Outstanding talent like Will Thompson-Brant who've gone on to study musical theatre, are replaced with an ongoing supply of talent, such as the likes of Jacob Buckley and Charlotte Myerson, who will surely both grace the West End in years to come?!

  • Sally

    We went to the show last night with friends and we're thoroughly entertained.

    A wonderfully enthusiastic and talented group of Young performers.

    You can't really review this show without mentioning Lewis Allan and Lucie Fletcher who were fantastic and obviously will have big futures in the arts should they so wish.

    We also thought that Will Thompson was great and you can see a star in the making with Jacob Buckley and his comic timing.

    The whole show was really a credit to all involved.

  • Lynda

    Had a really fantastic evening. The enthusiasm from All the cast was much appreciated.
    Will look forward to another visit next year.
    I visit the theatre many times in the year, and this was a slik professional performance Good luck to all those enthusiastic cast members!

  • Jenny

    Wonderful lively show.
    Loved every second of it. Amazing to think that was put together in such a short time.
    Charlotte/Adelaide you stole the show keep chasing your dream.

  • Doris

    Guys and Dolls was fantastic what a wonderful group of young talented people.

    A special mention for Charlotte Myerson and Lucie Fletcher who are outstanding actresses and singers.

    The show stoppers for me were the very funny and talented Harry Jones and Jacob Buckley. Harry has amazing stage presence and you can see that the two of them are really enjoying themselves on stage.
    The Guys and Dolls number was very good and also Jacob's "Sit Down your rocking the boat " was superb.
    They both fully deserved the biggest cheer of the night.
    Well done

  • anonymous

    Thanks a rolliking enthusiastic performance !!,with some lovely strong voices..even the many scene changes were slick ,swiftly & magically executed !

  • R Will

    Wow! So overwhelmed by how talented this cast is for such a young company. Absolutely loved every minute of this show. I really could have been sat in the West End. Great energy, lovely set, beautiful costumes and overall a very professional production. Special mentions to Alex and Charlotte - brilliant performances, great voices and superb acting with excellent comedy timing. Absolutely loved Jacob as Nicely, very well played and Harry played Benny perfectly; their tap dance number is spot on! Well what can I say, Lewis and Lucie as Sky and Sarah definitely steel the show with their beautiful voices, amazing chemistry on stage,an absolute perfect match. 'Luck be a lady' in particular is fantastic!

    This company have gone from strength to strength and so lovey to see how much the returning cast members have grown professionally since the start of MTYC in 2012. I would say this has been my favourite production! Bravo! You have produced an absolute first class production, you can tell how much work has gone into it. Well done to all of the cast and production team! Absolutely superb!

  • Sue

    What a amazing ,brilliant show , such wonderful talented young people.

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