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Vulcan 7

29th October 2018 - 3rd November 2018


Adrian Edmondson and Nigel Planer shot to fame in the 1980s with The Comic Strip Presents…and as Vyvyan and Neil in the massive cult classic The Young Ones. They also starred together in Filthy, Rich and Catflap on television and played in the spoof band Bad News. They co-star in this hilarious new comedy.

Gary Savage and Hugh Delavois were students at RADA together. Now in their sixties, they meet again on the set of a fantasy movie. Hugh has had a plodding career but has landed the role of Vulcan’s butler – a small but regular role – and he’s making his seventh film for the franchise. Gary is a one-time Hollywood A-lister who has fallen on lean times, and is playing a guest monster with four hours in make-up and one word in the script.

Sparks fly inside the trailer as old wounds are opened. Leela, a runner, attempts to keep the peace between them, but outside the trailer things are not going to plan either: the director’s gone AWOL, the catering truck’s on the wrong side of a ravine, and the volcanic activity is growing more and more lively by the minute…

Adrian Edmondson is best known for his role in Bottom, which he wrote with Rik Mayall. More recently he has appeared in War & Peace, Twelfth Night at the RSC, and in a cameo role as Captain Peavey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Nigel Planer has worked extensively in the West End with leading roles in the original productions of Evita, Chicago, We Will Rock You, Wicked, Hairspray, Feelgood and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He created the spoof actor character “Nicholas Craig” and featured in the Doctor Who: Live tour as Vorgenson, The Inter-Galactic Showman.


Production photographs by Nobby Clark


Ticket price includes a £1 contribution to our heritage fund.


29th October 2018
3rd November 2018
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Festival Theatre
Grange Road
Malvern, WR14 3HB


1st Night & Wed Mat: £29.12, £26.88, £23.52, £20.16 & £16.80
Tues-Thurs Eves & Sat Mat: £32.48, £30.24, £26.88, £23.52 & £20.16
Fri & Sat Eves: £35.84, £33.60, £30.24, £26.88 & £23.52
Concessions and members discounts apply
Under 26s £8.96
Prices include 12% booking fee
Show Times:
Eves at 7.30pm
Wed & Sat Mats at 2.30pm

Event Reviews

  • Choice Radio Worcester

    In their new play, Vyvyan and Neil from the Young Ones becomes Gary and Hugh, a couple of seemingly washed-up crusty old acting dinosaurs who get together - or rather are forced together - in the latest episode of a film franchise, this one being Vulcan 7.

    A barely recognisable (at least throughout the first act) Adrian Edmonson plays a monster from another planet, fully clad in a Thermidon's bulbous red rubber suit, who has been employed to say just one word in the film. Something which rather narks him, as does the fact the role does not entitle him to having a trailer of his own, which means that unfortunately he ends up in the trailer of an old rival (Nigel Planer) who has been in all of the previous films as a butler.

    There is history between them and old wounds are soon opened up, despite the valiant attempts of the runner Leela (Lois Chimimba) who attempts to reduce the tension but ends up creating an almost impassable personal chasm between them.

    This is not the only chasm - there is a physical one too as the action takes place in, of all places, Iceland in the foothills of that now rather famous volcano, Eyjafjallajökull. And unfortunately for them, this ever-increasing chasm separates the three from the other members of the film and catering crew, leaving them isolated to sort out their differences.

    And this is where the real star of the show comes into play - the trailer. With the earth tremors increasing in intensity, the trailer itself moves to such an angle that you wonder how the actors manage to cope. And then there is also the helicopter…

    The play includes many references to other plays, films and actors - not always complimentary and not unexpected either given that Planer created the pretentious, luvvie alter-ego Nicholas Craig - and does contain, it has to be said, coarse language throughout which may not be to everyone's taste.

    Edmonson's character is deliberately of a time, making inappropriate comments to Leela ("I’m not Weinsteining you" he insists) and enjoying a bottle of wine or two whilst Planer's character - sober, moral, mocking and upright (and uptight) - finally breaks showing his true self.

    The show has only recently started its run and the first night audience was not as large as might be expected given its star actors (they wrote it too) but no doubt as word gets around, that will build up during the week

  • Guy

    We loved this comedy from Ade Edmundson and Nigel Planner. A talented duo that have entertained me for the best part of 35 years. I was a Young Ones fan from the get go!

    We chortled when we wanted to and belly laughed because there was no option. It truly is very funny. Some serious moments, a poignant finale and some fine acting from both. Just three in the cast but entertainment through and through. Shame some of the critics haven't rated this as highly as we do.

    Don't be put off but what you read in the reviews.- its a great comedy, with some legendary British talent who deliver a great play. A great night out again. Thank you Malvern Theatres and thank you Ade and Nigel.

  • Bob

    A small audience for the Wed matinee which is surprising given the actors, but means the atmosphere is muted. The acting is top notch as you would expect and Lois Chimimba is excellent as the runner. The staging is also very well done. Yes, there are expletives, but they are within character and not excessive apart from the Daniel Day-Lewis bit, but that fits as well. Well worth seeing.

  • Christina

    Ok but peppering with expletives doesn’t really make it funnier

  • Marian

    This was a bit like watching Vivian and Neil from The Young Ones as old men. Both actors seemed to some extent to be playing these same characters in the future. The jokes were good and topical, although at times I did feels they relied on the use of bad language to get a laugh. Have to say though that the stage set was brilliant.

  • Danielle

    Really enjoyed this play, dialogue was engaging and so funny! The use of the stage was so clever and brought in the storyline from outside unto the stage. Would highly recommend it! It's ashame that more people didn't attend, need to sort out more publicity for this gem. Brilliant Adrian and Neil repartee!

  • Alex

    No not even one star if this was supposed to be a comedy then Coriolanus would have you rolling in the aisles with laughter. What a waste of an evening and £56, and please why so much unnecessary swearing? It’s not that funny. Really disappointed that two good actors wasting their talents

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