Richard Alston Dance Company

Dates: 12th February 2019 - 13th February 2019
  Richard Alston has been making dance for 50 years. He will celebrate his half-century with a programme full of his trademark lyrical choreography performed by undoubtedly one of the world’s best dance ensembles. The evening centres around exciting World Premieres by Richard Alston and associate choreographer Martin Lawrance. Alston's Brahms Hungarian is set to the hugely popular Brahms pieces, featuring live solo pianist Jason Ridgway, where the dancers are carried along by fast steps and an abandoned fervour. Detour, Lawrance’s new work is set to Michael Gordon’s pulsing Timber with his customary fast paced style. Proverb, one of Alston’s…

Special Events and Workshops

Dates: December 10th 12:00 am
Look out for our bespoke events that integrate with our main theatre programme. These include; pre and post show discussions, meet & greet with cast members of children's theatre, creative workshops and performance packages. Click to view the digital brochure online: TAKE PART Autumn 2018 or see the list of events below.         In The Willows Hip-Hop Dance Workshop Sunday 10th February '19, 3pm & 5pm.  Free Admission. Aged 17-25? Love hip hop?  With everything from House, to Waacking – join us for some fast paced fun and great vibes in this FREE 90 minute hip-hop dance class.…