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Ga Ga: The Ultimate Queen Tribute

January 26th 7:45 pm


Performed by a multi-award winning band who have headlined the ‘International Guitar Festival’ on several occasions, this is a Queen show like no other.

From numerous Queen Conventions to TV appearances, GA GA have consistently proved why they are so highly rated by critics and audiences alike. There are no wigs, no make-up and definitely no false moustaches but instead a host of massive Queen songs played like they were meant to be.

Stunning – Official Queen Fan Club

Superb – Brian May

Ticket price includes a £1 contribution to our heritage fund.

gaga  ga ga


January 26th
7:45 pm
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Event Reviews

  • Stephen

    What a disappointment, particularly after such good reviews which prompted us to book ! Sadly lacking in stage presence and the singer frequently off key and unable to hit the notes. We were so looking forward to this event, but left at the interval - Ga Ga were but a pale shadow of Queen.

  • Jackie

    Dreadful. Lead singer could not sing. No stage presence by any of the 3 members of this Queen tribute. No effort to look or perform like Freddie. No wonder so many people walked out during the show. Worst tribute act I’ve ever seen.

  • Margaret

    We were bought tickets for my husbands birthday treat but it was the most disappointing show we have seen, it was billed as a tribute act but the group bared little resemblance to Queen and even only had 3 members. What we actually saw was a mediocre group performing some of Queens songs. We could not make it past the interval, which in itself was disappointing as they had only been playing for 3/4 hour!

    Brilliant instrumentals, but there is only one voice like Freddie’s that could hit the notes ...

    Excellent musical performance

  • Paul

    Absolutely awful. Theatre is good, parking is ok. We came to see Ga Ga, a tribute to Queen. Last time I checked there were four in the group! Instrumentals were good but completely drowned out by some under powered and flat vocals. A complete waste of money, there was a mass exodus during the first break and a lot of murmuring about how bad it was, including the lack of atmosphere. Very disappointing, my advise is DON’T GO.

  • Patricia

    Terrible show. My son bought tickets for my birthday and we were looking forward to a lovely evening.We watched as more and more people left the theatre after two songs.We stuck with it till the interval and couldnt take any more.Worst tribute band weve ever seen

  • Doreen

    I have been going to the music show at the forum theatre for years .

    I can honestly say it was the worst ever performance I have ever encountered , I was speechless listening to the racket .
    The lead singer couldn’t sing just shouted into the microphone ,seemed to be out of breath

  • Fay

    Dear all at Malvern Theatre,
    We travelled only from Bewdley to Malvern on Friday the 26th of January to watch the Queen tribute band, we have never been to the theatre before and not sure we would return? We watched the act for approx 20 mins in the hope it would get better, we actually left the show on " I want to break free" which many on our row laughed and shouted "are you breaking free?" by which time several other couples and some groups had already vacated the theatre. When paying £40 plus fee for 2 tickets you do expect to see an act that is a little more talented and entertaining that something you would enjoy at the local pub? I just felt compelled to let the theatre know our feelings? the venue itself was lovely, the staff were great but I think maybe in future I'd be less quick to book a hotel stay over and venture to Malvern if the acts were going to be this poor.

  • John

    Sadly, there is a lot of truth in the previous reviews. The band's instrumental ability was sadly let down by the lead singer. He is an excellent guitarist and should stick to his playing. This band definitely need an Adam Lambert and they will be musically very impressive. I did check, after the event to see if there should have been a fourth member suspecting he may have had a hissy fit just before the performance, and that the guitarist had tried to fill in. But no.

  • Sarah

    So disappointed by the Queen Tribute band last Friday night. The best tribute would have been not to subjected us to this horror and cancelled! I have seen better bands in my local pub.
    The lead singer could not sing. There was no stage presence by anyone. Truly the worst thing I have ever seen at Malvern Theatre.

  • Jonathan

    Disappointing. Not up to the usual quality of show we have come to expect at the Malvern Forum Theatre. This attenuated band would be more suited to a pub singalong. Frontman lacked all of Freddie's charisma and vocal ability. Despite all the smoke, there was more atmosphere generated by the audience (those that remained), than from the stage

  • Julie

    A totally disappointing evening. This was a treat bought by our daughter. We left after 2 songs. We should have realised when we walked in, the room was full of smoke from a machine (quality bands would not have needed this), the sound quality was dire and distorted. The 3 members of the band looked bored and uninterested and there was no Freddie front man. We would have enjoyed listening to an original album more. The management were understanding and gave us 2 complimentary tickets straight away, so all credit to them. We won't be going to see a queen tribute band again anytime soon. Such a shame.

  • Adrian

    This is a tribute to queen and NOT queen , i think the boys made a good attempt at queen music and we thoroughly enjoyed it , good value for the money

  • Gillian

    The worst band ever came on looking like they had came from work lead singer could not sing wast of money had to walk out

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