6 Hands Guitar Trio


John Williams guitar

John Etheridge guitar

Gary Ryan guitar

After a barnstorming debut at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in June 2015, John Williams and John Etheridge have invited Gary Ryan to join them once more on a UK tour with their guitar supergroup 6 Hands. John Williams is a well-known classical guitarist with an interest in contemporary music; John Etheridge is an iconic jazz guitarist known for pushing the boundaries whilst Gary Ryan is a classical guitarist and composer and together, they will perform a programme of solos, duos and trios.

Ticket price includes  a £1 contribution to our heritage fund.


One review

  • Tim
    April 4, 2017

    An amazing performance from these three great guitarists, who play all combinations of solo, duet and trio. I’m not a guitar aficionado and simply took my son (who is learning) to St George’s, Bristol, but what inspirations these virtuosos are! At 76, John Williams is the old master of his craft, whilst John Etheridge adds some spice to proceedings with his jazz and rock influence. The highlight for me, however, was “young” Gary Ryan’s “Benga Beat”. If you don’t know it, watch it on YouTube; and then go to watch it live! Watching and listening to any one of these three alone would be worth the entrance fee.