Malvern Theatres has a new mechanical money box in its foyer, inspired by the landscape of the surrounding Priory Park.

Created by artist-engineer Dan Morrison of Blott Works and funded by long-term theatre supporters Nic and Sue Peeling, the new ‘Tree Penny Falls’ collection box will raise money for the Malvern Theatres Tomorrow Fund.





















It costs £41,000 a week to keep the theatre operating and fundraising is vital if the theatre is to continue to offer its fantastic programme of work, both on and off the stage.

The money box has a mechanism so that when a coin or note is dropped in the box, the ‘trees’ can be turned by hand using a handle and the money cascades to lower levels.

Nic Lloyd, Malvern Theatres Chief Executive, said: “This new collection box is wonderfully theatrical and looks fantastic in our foyer.

“When you watch a play, there’s always so much more going on behind the scenes than the audience can see, and this money box represents exactly that.

“Behind the beautiful facade of the turning trees and the falling coins, the cogs and chains are working hard to deliver an ever-changing display for the person who has donated.”










Emma Maggs, Head of Fundraising at Malvern Theatres, said: “We are delighted with this new collection box. Fundraising is a necessary part of the theatre’s work and this new collection box is a fun and interactive, not to mention beautiful, way to donate your spare change.

“The money will go towards our Tomorrow Fund, which supports the theatre’s work both on and off the stage. We are grateful for every penny that we receive and we hope this new box will encourage plenty of extra donations.”

Dan Morrison, artist and engineer from Blott Works, said: ““The theatre is situated in a stunning landscape and it was a joy to create this donation box, inspired by its surroundings.”

Sue Peeling said: “We were delighted to fund the development and manufacture of such a beautiful, fun donations box. Dan Morrison of Blott Works has done a terrific job.”

Malvern Theatres only receives 1% public funding and aims to raise £300,000 every year to support its ongoing work, which includes delivering top quality drama and live music and dance performances, as well as delivering weekly classes, and relaxed and access performances and workshops.


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